Creating unique visual content can help increase engagement on your blog and with your brand on social media. It has been shown that visual content is shared up to 30% more than any other content on social media.

What types of visual content can you create?

Photos & Images

Photos provide a great way to explain and enhance your content, they evoke emotion with your audience. Providing good quality images that have maximum impact can help translate what your brands ethos and values are.

Images are slightly different to photos, images can be illustrations, icons or images with text overlaid. Using these types of media can display how your services or products can be used or show a typical user scenario and how your business can help.

Benefits of using photos and images:

  • Break up lengthy articles and make them more memorable.
  • Help customers when purchasing products.

Videos & Animations

Video is a powerful way to tell a story, showcase how a product or service can be used or help support your brand. Videos are becoming one of the most created and shared media, within 6 months’ video views on Facebook have doubled from 4 to 8 billion.

Animations can be a form of video in that they are an illustration explaining a story or process. An example of this would be an illustration of a potential customer using a service your business offers and the benefits of them using that service, this can be a story telling animation.

Benefits of using videos:

  • Help customers purchased products.
  • Increase click through in emails.
  • Increase engagement and retention.


A great way to present a big amount of data in an easy to understand media can be an infographic, infographics are best used when you have good quality data available that can be understood immediately with the support of graphs and pictures.

Benefits of using infographics:

  • Easily display large information in an accessible and memorable way.
  • Great for sharing and acquiring new customers.


When trying to break away from lengthy and text heavy documents like ebooks and whitepapers, slideshows are a great alternative. Using slideshows can help your brand establish itself as a niche or industry leader in your sector.

Benefits of using slideshows

  • Great business exposure
  • Increase search presence

Using different types of Visual content is a great way to interact with your audience as part of a content marketing strategy, the benefits can help your business in a variety of ways.