Once you have created your blog post you need to think about how to share your post to your ideal customers and influencers. Below are some ideas on how to share your blog posts:

1) Social Media

Sharing your blog posts on social media allows you to update to your audience but help acquire new customers. When sharing your blog posts tailor your social media updates to your audience on each platform and you may need to send out multiple updates on different days to gain success.

On certain social media platforms, you can search for potential customers who could be helped by your blog post and send them a tweet or a comment on their Facebook post.

2) RSS Feeds

A powerful function is RSS feeds; your customers can subscribe to automatically receive updates from your blog. Another great reason to use RSS feeds is they can be included within other tools and social media websites which auto update from your RSS Feed.

3) Social Bookmarking

Sharing your content on popular bookmarking websites like Digg, Reddit or Scoopit can help drive traffic to your blog, as these sites are community based being a member and contributing can really help your business.

4) Email Marketing

Sharing your blog through a HTML email to your loyal brand advocates and target customers can help drive traffic to your website and increase the likelihood of them sharing your content within their marketing channels.

5) Blogger outreach

Build relationship with other bloggers online and ask them to link or blog about your topic can expand your reach, you can also comment on trusted blogs to help develop relationships and create backlinks.

Using different approaches as a combined strategy to sharing your content can help you with your marketing strategy.