Project Description

I’ve doubled my online bookings

Brewtown take all their bookings online. MD Mark Stredwick knew they needed to increase booking numbers, so we set up software to follow their users’ website journeys. We identified why the drop-out rate was high, and our evidence-based results have led to an improved booking system that’s doubled online sales.

Heres what Mark had to say

‘Brewtown Tours is a bus tour company. We visit local breweries where you get to meet the brewers, sample beers and learn all about the beer making process. It’s about trying to promote great local products rather than mass-produced, mass-market brands.

The booking system is all online: it’s the only way I take bookings. I had a rudimentary set-up with Google Analytics, so I could see that people were visiting the website, but I didn’t feel I was getting enough bookings. So I came to see Michael, and he set up software on my website. I could now see user journeys, which showed me that people were starting to book and then dropping out. They were visiting the website but they weren’t converting, and that’s what Michael addressed.

The first thing Michael did was enable heatmapping. The second was an online survey to see what people thought of the website. Thirdly, he recommended a pathway that allowed me to see the conversion rate as visitors moved through the site. Most recently, Michael’s given me software to input proper links onto other websites that link to mine, so we can see where people are coming from outside of online search engines, such as Google.

I moved to a different booking software company based on the evidence Michael gave me. They require less information, and the booking process is much easier. I’ve probably doubled bookings.

Michael really is very good at what he does. I recommend him to everyone.’

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