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Visitors are now progressing through our website

Bytemark knew their Google Analytics set up was poor, but didn’t know how to fix it. They were impressed by our on-boarding, with an initial site audit that revealed drop-off areas and data inconsistencies. We followed this with detailed delivery plans, resulting in an ongoing increase in Bytemark’s conversion rate and average order value.

Heres what Bethan had to say

‘Bytemark are a cloud hosting and software provider. We host websites and applications for thousands of customers across the UK. Before we came to Raindrop, we had a number of challenges with our website. We didn’t have a very good Google Analytics set-up, and we knew there were many inconsistencies with the data. There were areas we needed to tighten up, but we weren’t sure how.

My first impression of Raindrop was that Michael really knew what he was talking about. It’s always great to meet someone who can actually talk in specific detail about the technical side of things with you. That really impressed me from the outset.

I was also really impressed by Raindrop’s onboarding process. To begin, Michael did an initial audit of our site, which clearly picked up on the inconsistencies that I knew, heuristically, were there, and some of the drop-off areas. He produced a really good framework that outlined exactly what Raindrop were going to do, where the problems were, and the timescale for working through it. It was great to see a fully-formed plan moving forward.

Raindrop have hugely improved our drop-off areas on our main product page, our cloud page and our homepage. We’ve also noticed an increase in user numbers. The really big win is that we’ve noticed people moving through our website and progressing further and further. And, because we’re still working with Michael, he’s always improving that. From the – now good! – Google Analytics set-up, I can see exactly what our visitor numbers are, and that they’ve increased.

If you’re having problems with your website – you’re not getting good conversion rates and there are niggling issues – it’s really important to get an outside view. To have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing come into your business and tell you what you can change, what you can test, and give you a plan is invaluable.

Sit down with Michael and have a chat! You’ll be wowed by his knowledge: I was.’

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