Project Description

Our website is now a return on investment

Franks Accountants had a simple landing page that failed to attract an audience. We designed and developed a new website that not only looks good but converts potential customers into paying clients. The new site encourages visitors to enter their contact details, increasing the online enquiries that have helped Franks Accountants to grow.

Heres what Adam had to say

‘We set up the business in 2014 and, since then, we’ve grown and grown. What makes us unique is how we provide hands-on support for small businesses and help them grow.

We had a basic website: it was really just a landing page. It didn’t look great and, worst of all, it didn’t convert. We didn’t generate any leads through it so it was a cost, not a return on investment. Raindrop have changed that completely.

We now get a great return on our website; we probably get two to three leads per week. A lot of that is down to Raindrop providing reasons for people to enter their details. The site not only looks great but it fills people with confidence. Michael can make sure that when a client goes onto our website they enter their details, so we can ring them back. The leads the website generates tend to turn into clients.

Michael instilled confidence in me as soon as I met him. He made sure I understood the work he did, which is, to me, a foreign language. He put things in plain English so I understood what we could do, what could be achieved and, sure enough, he did exactly what he said he would. Raindrop have helped us continue to grow.

We have 200 or so clients that we see regularly, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Raindrop to them. They’ve done great things for us and for the clients we’ve referred. I have nothing but good things to say about them.’

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