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My website enquiries are increasing

Rachel Roche of Roche Legal admitted the website she set up herself was failing to perform. We taught Rachel how to convert visitors to customers online, taking time to understand what she really needed her audience to do and feel. It’s paying off: the website now generates leads, and Rachel credits Raindrop’s input with her business’ growth.

Heres what Rachel had to say

‘I decided to set up my own business in 2013. It was just after I’d come back from a year working in Paris, and being away gave me the confidence that I needed to set up my own firm. I wanted to get our name out there online and have everything set up properly from the start, with the right foundations in place.

I thought it’d be a good idea to create my own website (I did actually buy the book ‘Wordpressfor Dummies’…!). But, the main challenge was the amount of time I was spending trying to create a website that worked. I realised I was never going to be able to do that particularly well: it’s not my trade. I knew that having a website that looks good alone isn’t enough: you need the people that visit to convert into clients.

Working with Raindrop has helped me realise that a website needs to do more than simply look slick. Michael teaches me how to convert visitors and take them through the processes we now have on the site. It’s really paying off: we’re getting a lot of people making enquiries through the website, which is great.

Honestly – and I truly mean this – if it wasn’t for Michael and Raindrop I don’t think we’d be anything close to as far ahead in business as we are now. One of the best things I find about working with Raindrop is that they really listen to what it is that I’m trying to achieve, and they get on board. They have a truly vested interest in making sure not only that I’m happy but that the website really does work.

Our main core business is Roche Legal, but we also have a few other projects that we’re working on. I’m very excited about the future of the business, and feel we’re going to make an impact. I’m delighted that Michael and Raindrop will be part of it.’

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