Project Description

We saw an immediate increase in sales

Owner Ryan Cusack was experiencing multiple problems with his website, which wasn’t bringing in enough sales. After chatting to Michael, Ryan gave Raindrop the go-ahead to rebuild the website from scratch. Sales increased immediately from the site and its in-built social media platforms, and customer feedback was hugely positive.

Heres what Ryan had to say

‘R&G Watches are an online watch brand. We were having real problems with our website in general and the way it was working: it really was poor. Our analytics were also poor (we weren’t able to track any website data) and we weren’t getting the site traffic that we wanted. There were a whole series of problems.

We were originally with another company who we felt were simply taking our money: to them, we believed we were just another statistic. After speaking to Michael, we moved our business over to Raindrop.

We decided to redo the entire website. Raindrop built a new site that immediately began to increase our sales from the moment it was launched. The feedback we got from customers was brilliant. These positive reviews extended to our social media pages, which Raindrop had integrated into the site. This makes it much easier for our customers to move from social media to the website, and vice-versa.

Our customers told us the new site was a significant improvement. I’d absolutely recommend Raindrop to any business who finds themselves in a similar situation to ours. Michael’s experience is really what stands out: he’s brilliant, and knows his business inside-out.’

Improve your websites performance

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