When planning your digital marketing campaigns looking at both acquisition and retention strategies is always a must. One great pairing for a digital marketing strategies is SEO (search engine optimisation) and CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

To break down this pairing lets first look at what SEO and CRO are:

  • SEO – is the process of promoting a website to make it further visible to search engines and searches so that potential website visitors can find your website and engage with your business.
  • CRO – is the process of understanding and testing website experiences. The focus is to find the optimal design and messaging to produce higher conversions and generate more revenue.

How do these work together?

A search engine strategy can include keyword research, generating quality backlinks and creating quality content. This type of strategy is used to help increase the amount of visits from potential customers to your website.

But what happens when these potential customers click-through to your website? This is when CRO starts to make an impact.

A conversion rate optimisation strategy will include optimizing web pages so that your customers can find your content, streamlining the process of buying products, optimising checkout flows and lead generation forms.

How a combined approach can provide success?

Both SEO and CRO work hand in hand, some website owners and marketers think you need one or the other as they can be a misunderstanding that they both compete against each other when really they both aid each other.

A clear example would be that you spend your marketing budget on search and try and get your website to rank at the top of search engines, but if the visitors you send to your website don’t engage and find a poor user experience, this means they won’t convert and you risk wasting your budget.

Likewise, you can have a great user experience and a well optimised website, but if your website can not be found in search engines, then your marketing budget spend has not delivered an uplift in sales or leads generated.

If you combine your SEO and CRO activities this can help generate the sales or leads for your business. An example of this would be that you focus time on optimising your content to increase visits, these visitors then reach a well optimised web page where they can find out what the page is about and what you are offering and go on to take the intended action. This meets both SEO and CRO as you have provided a well optimised website which has been found by a visitor making a search you intended to be found for and they contacted you or bought one of your products.

Another bonus is that part of Google’s ranking signals is user experience, if your website is easy to navigate, provides engaging content then this can have a good outcome on your search rankings.

Get started combining your SEO and CRO efforts.

Incorporating both marketing activities into one strategy is a solid way to gaining a great website which is being found naturally in search and converting visitors into customers. Making sure SEO and CRO work in synchronisation is key to achieving your business goals and objectives.