WordPress is a very flexible content management system (CMS), out of the box it comes with some great functionality but with some slight tweaks WordPress can be improved and make management even easier! Below are 3 things to help improve your WordPress website:

Improve widgets.

Widgets are an important page of WordPress, they can feed your sidebar, footer and even header depending on how your website has been built. WordPress comes with a standard list of widgets but you can improve this by enabling shortcodes within widgets. Shortcodes are WordPress specific code that can allow you to add extra functionality, an example of this would be a testimonial shortcode.

Simply adding the single line of code below into your functions.php file can enable this.


Remove unnecessary plugins.

When you first install WordPress there is a pre-installed plugin called “Hello Dolly” This plugin does not have any important use for a WordPress website and is never updated. Removing this will help save file size and reduce load time on the management side of WordPress.

We also recommend a plugin audit on a regular basis to make sure you are using the most effective plugins or if there is a way to include extra functionality through code then implement the code and keep your plugins to a minimum.

Managing comment spam.

Managing a blog can be a time consuming process, one of those processes is moderating your comments section. Spam comments are a downside to blogging and can take considerable time to moderate. WordPress has a built in moderation system to help with spam comments but this only blocks them for you to choose which are spam comments.

Using a plugin like Akismet will help catch most spam comments and not even include them for moderation they will simply block them.


Improving the usability of the backend of your WordPress website will make management and time consuming tasks easier and allow you to concentrate on improving your website for your user base. If you need help with your WordPress website please get in touch.