What is a landing page?

Essentially a landing page is a web page that a visitor will arrive at. But when landing pages are talked about within digital marketing we refer to them as being a standalone web page which has a main purpose and goal in mind.

Landing pages are not part of your navigation and are not meant to be part of the primary structure of your website, the reason behind this is that the main objective can be achieved as you are limiting the options for your intended visitors, which in turn is guiding them to the conversion goal.

Types of landing page

The main types of landing pages are:

Click through landing pages

The purpose of a click through page is when the visitor lands on the page they click through to the next intended page.

Click through pages are typically used on e-commerce websites as part of a funnel to help drive more conversions.

They can be used to explain a new product or a series of special offers, the purpose is to give the visitor an overview and a reason to make the decisions to go onto purchase.

Lead generation landing pages

Lead generation is essentially capturing user data this could be an email address, name or contact number.

The main purpose of using a lead generation page is to collect information which you can use to make contact with your visitors through marketing activities.

Your lead generation page will need to contain a form in which visitors can complete and provide you with their information, you would need to provide a description and include reasons on the page as to why the visitor is completing the form.

Example uses of a lead generation page:

  • Provide a discount voucher.
  • Registration for a webinar.
  • Entry into a free competition.
  • A free trial to a product or service.
  • Notification for future product launch.
  • Option to download a whitepaper, eBook or podcast.

Why use Landing pages on your website?

Click through pages

  • Increase conversion rate – The reason landing pages improve your conversion rate is because the product landing page or promotional page objective matches the intention of the advertisement your visitors clicked on to reach your landing page whether that be through paid search, email or social media.

Lead generation

  • Increase your contactable database
  • Increase signups e.g. webinars/free trials
  • Increase downloads for specific files e.g podcast
  • Generate momentum for future product launches

Overall landing pages offer your website visitor a more customisable experience for the intended business objective. It can lead to improved user journeys from your advertisements, increase uptake of your product offering and provide the visitor a personalised journey.

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