When trying to help recover a potential lost conversion basket abandonment emails can be an effective solution for an e-commerce website.

What are basket abandonment emails?

Basket abandonment emails are sent when a customer adds a product to the cart and does not check out and abandons the website.

What are the best practices?

When setting up abandonment emails below are some best practices to consider:

Display products

Include within the email the products the customer had in their cart before they abandoned your website, this helps remind them of the products they were going to buy and why they put them within the cart.

Include a link to the cart

To make the process smoother and easier for the customer to come back and continue purchasing the products include a link back to the cart with the products they intended to purchase in there waiting for them. This means they can complete the checkout process and not have to find the products and re-add them to the cart.

Product Images

Stating the product and product detail in the cart is great but images will help sell the products further, include good quality images of the products within the email to help the customer understand the product.

Subject line

Creating an effective subject line will grab the customer’s attention in their mailbox, an abandonment email is a perfect marketing opportunity so a thoughtful subject line should always be considered to help open rates and give you the chance to recover a conversion.

Compelling Copy

Having the products in the email and an effective subject line is going to help open rates and click through rates of your abandonment emails but the copy included within the email is just as important. Including creative copy in the email can help sway your customers to complete their purchase. If you don’t consider the quality of your copy or the tone of voice you are using to try to recover your customers, you could be driving them further away from purchasing.


To enhance the email further include the customer’s details within the email, personalising your abandonment emails will help show customer loyalty and value, customers don’t like to feel they have been ignored or that you don’t know who they are.


Timing when your customers receive your abandonment email can be crucial to recovering the sale, there is no right or wrong answer with timing so testing different timing schedules will be the best approach as your customer’s behaviour will be different.

Basket abandonment is just the start!

This is just the start to creating and sending abandonment emails, A/B testing your emails will be vital to helping you improve upon the basics and build emails that produce conversions and recover baskets.