Optimising a website on a regular basis is really important, there is always room for improvement for your user experience or for your business to increase conversions.

Using Google Analytics should be a staple to this process but there are other tools and processes a business can undertake to learn and gather insights into how users uses their website.

Below are 3 tools which can help:

Website Surveys

A basic concept is to employ a survey function for your users. It’s ok trying to guess with data why a user left a website or didn’t buy a product but why not ask them in an easy to complete survey?

This helps remove the guesswork and you can receive invaluable feedback not only about why they didn’t do the intended task but valuable feedback about your business in general.

Extra benefits of website surveys:

  • User behaviour insight – the answers could be different between users, this gives you a better insight into other areas to improve
  • Remarket – invite the customer back to the website in the future to complete the task you intended them to take.

Heat maps

Understanding the data in your Google analytics account helps work out if a user has clicked on your call to action or how they are progressing through your funnels. But this data doesn’t show the clicks or actions that don’t happen. Many users wont always focus on the elements you expect them too, they make click on areas they thing could be clickable or places they expect an actionable item should be for nothing to happen.

Heat maps are a great tool to find this out, not only do they allow you to see in a visual way what is being clicked and backup the data you see in Google Analytics but heat maps can show what elements users are trying to click that aren’t clickable. Heat maps also show how users scroll on your website, this can show if there is problems with scrolling or how much of the page your users actually scroll.

Heat maps can help explore more than just if a user clicks a call to action they can identify design tweaks and areas for optimisation with A/B testing.

Session recording

To further understand how users are using your website session recording is a great tool to implement. It’s great to see the reports from a heat map but it is even better to match this up with a video of how a user uses your website. Session recording just captures the screen including movements of the mouse and the clicks, it does not show you the people using the website or collect any sound.

Session recoding allows you to watch a certain page or a users full session, it gives you the ability to see how people read or scroll your website, the movement of the mouse or the clicks they take on the screen. Another bonus of session recording is it shows how your forms are being completed or how many fields have been completed before abandonment. (Sensitive data and passwords are not recorded)

Recording a real time video of how people use your website is as close to real life usability test as you can get with a virtual tool at the portion of the cost.

Next Steps

The above tools are only the start to optimisation they are used to gather data and gain valuable insights to how your website is being used. The next steps are to understand the data and make an action plan to test and improve a website.

If you are looking to understand and improve your website get in touch today.