A website optimisation strategy and overall marketing strategy can consist of understand your customer’s behaviour and profile your customers to able to provide them a better user experience.

There are various ways of achieving this and two of these are by providing a feedback system using surveys and polls.


Using an online survey tool allows you to collect qualitative feedback from your visitors and customers once they have completed the intended action.

Website surveys are a great way to discover:

  • Any problems with your website
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Provide an avenue for comments

After gaining the feedback from surveys this can then be analysed and incorporated into a testing road map, which can help shape both future A/B testing scenarios and the user experience.


Using polls can be a great way to get quick insights and feedback in various steps of a user journey. Polls are a short version of a survey and help get direct feedback in real time. Polls are a great way to discover:

  • Drivers for high traffic landing pages
  • Feedback on barriers within pages and landing pages
  • Hooks to why a user converted

After gaining feedback from each poll this can be analysed and integrated to form A/B testing strategies and future changes to the user experience as part of a testing roadmap.

Why use surveys and polls?

Qualitative feedback is invaluable to businesses in many ways:

  • Gain insights that backup what your data is showing
  • Provide a channel for customers to be a part of your brand
  • Help to convert users who may have had a bad experience

Best Practice for website surveys and polls

When using surveys and polls as part of your strategy these three areas need to be considered:

  • Learn – Each customer will use your website differently and this is a vital opportunity to gain a flow of valuable insight into your customers’ experience, and how their actions impact your business.
  • Establish – Sometimes a customer may have a negative or bad experience with your website, using surveys and polls allows you to establish any issues they have encountered and enable a customer to have a voice within your brand.
  • Convert – Polls and surveys enable you to gain insights into why a customer converted, that you wouldn’t get from pure data. Conversions are the ultimate goal and finding out why will provide learning’s to help impact all aspects of your marketing.

Get started with surveys and polls to gain valuable insights into your customer’s experiences.