Multivariate Testing is the process of testing multiple combinations of changeable elements on a webpage or mobile app screen, to determine which combination performed better.

How Multivariate Testing works?

Multivariate Testing works by examining a webpages design and changing multiple elements on that page, the test could be to change the headline copy and the copy of a call to action. There will be at least two variations of each element which will mean that there will be at least 4 versions of the content tested.

To simplify this process a multivariate test will always be:

(Number of variations in element A) X (Number of variations in element B) = total number of variations.

Why conduct Multivariate Testing?

Multivariate Testing is a great process to test multiple elements on the same page that are based on the main goal, to improve overall conversion rate.

Each Multivariate test is sent to a portion of traffic of the intended page like A/B Testing, so that each variation is split equally across the total traffic so if there are 4 tests the traffic is split into quarters.

Multivariate Testing when planned and executed correctly can also eliminate the use of running several A/B tests of the same elements on the same page with the same intended goal. This means that with Multivariate Testing you can test a greater amount of variations within the same time period of an A/B test.

Potential downsides of Multivariate Testing

A downside or challenge to executing Multivariate Testing is the amount of website traffic required to make the results of the test conclusive against the intended goal. As explained above the traffic is split across each variant which means that the allocated traffic to each variant will be significantly lower than an A/B test.

Another challenge could be, when one variable that is being tested does not have a measurable impact on the conversion goal, e.g. if the headline variables effect the conversion goal but the variation of the image doesn’t then the test would of been better as an A/B test.

Add Multivariate Testing to your optimisation strategy

A multivariate test is essential to an overall website optimisation strategy, being able to test a hypothesis with multiple variations allows a business to gain detailed insights into the complexity of customer behaviour whilst reaching their main objective to improve conversion rate in the process.