Project Description

Franks Accountants Success Story

Conversion Optimisation

Franks Accountants are an established local accountancy firm who required a new mobile friendly website which promoted their branding further online and generated new clients.

The challenge

  • Non responsive website and not providing a fully immersive brand experience.
  • Difficult to find value proposition and clarity of services.
  • Confusion on which elements to click on and many functions not being used by the customer.
  • Friction and anxiety when contact the company on the contact page.

The solution

1. New website design

  • After analysing the analytics, we designed a new website for Franks accountants with a mobile first design

2. Improve Landing Pages and reduce anxiety

  • Simplified the value proposition of the main landing page.
  • Removed landing pages which were causing confusion for the potential customer.
  • Provided trust seals of partnerships and accreditation.
  • Placed main selling points of why to contact Franks Accountants to help improve value proposition and clarity.

3. Clarify service offering and delivery of leads.

  • Split the services into specific areas to provide potential customers the correct journey through the website.
  • Improved website copy and provided quick easy contact forms for the generation of leads.

The results

  • Conversion Rate increased by 1%
  • Lead generation increase 77%
  • Bounce rate reduced by 20%

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