Project Description

Roche Legal Success Story

Conversion Optimisation

Roche Legal are an established boutique law firm providing a range legal services both online and offline, the main aim of the project is to provide required a long term conversion rate optimisation plan increase leads generated through the website and to constantly improve user experience.

The challenge

  • Website loading time was slow and losing potential leads
  • Overall user journey of the website was not efficient.
  • Website forms not being used by potential leads.

The solution

1. Audit website speed

  • Analysed the website speed to find what was causing the website to load slowly.
  • Reduced image sizes and the delivery of images on the website.

2. Landing Pages & Email marketing optimisation

  • Created easy to use landing pages for customers to download important ebooks.
  • Improved the journey of customers from emails to the website so the path from acquiring a customer through to conversion was simple and easy.
  • Improved subject lines and Calls to actions within emails to improve open and click through rate.

3. Long term optimisation plan.

  • Provided a full website audit showing opportunities to improve.
  • Created an optimisation plan showing were A/B Testing and optimisation improvements can be applied.

4. A/B Testing

  • Tested a new home page design to help improve the journey of visitors from landing on the website through to contacting Roche Legal.
  • Improved the contact process to make it easy for visitors to contact Roche legal via online forms and the telephone.

The results

  • Decreased website load time by 91%
  • 20% uplift using A/B Testing
  • Conversion rate increase 1%
  • Email marketing open rate increased by 50%

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