Design with data; Transform through optimisation

Many businesses make decisions based on assumptions. Whilst it’s good to know what might work, we use evidence-based design then experiment to find what does work.

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I have some great ideas. How can you help?

Our work is all data-driven: we look at the facts. Live data tells us exactly what’s happening on your website. We use analytics, heatmaps, pathways, and more, to discover what your users are, or aren’t, doing online. Once we’ve identified the problem, we put a plan in place to fix it.

There’s no ‘quick fix’. (Reputable business, like ours, won’t tell you there is.) Instead, we work as part of your team longer-term. We’ll get to know you, your business, and your audience. And your investment in conversation optimisation may be just what you need to grow.

I need to increase my revenue. What can you do to help?

We use proven processes you can trust to drive more leads. We gather, analyse and use your data to solve genuine problems and deliver results.

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Website Audit

We research and assess your website’s data to identify customer problems. Our in-depth, bespoke reports uncover these issues, and we show you how to fix them to bring in more business.

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Conversion Optimisation

We use informed, data-led decisions to improve conversion rates and increase sales. Following thorough research, we split test changes and measure results to generate more leads.

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Google Analytics

We make sure your account is working correctly to gather the information you need. We set it up for you, help you understand the data it delivers, and show you where, and why, the problems lie.

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We also design and build data-driven websites.

Ryan Cusack
"As an e-commerce business Ryan & Gilbert relies on having an optimisation team with a great support network behind us. The owner, Michael, has an extremely vast knowledge base of ecommerce, however communicates the information in an easy to understand and well-presented manner. Amazing results and response rates, and always extremely helpful."
Ryan Cusack
Founder, Ryan & Gilbert

I find conversion confusing. I’m not sure where to start.

Conversion optimisation can seem complex, and you may not know why – or where – there’s a problem. At Raindrop, we use straightforward methods and transparent data to fix errors and drive growth.

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I’ve identified where the problem is. But I don’t know how to solve it.

Some of our clients understand conversion and analytics, but need our expertise. Our unrivalled knowledge and in-house training fixes issues and helps you get a grip on your data.

Tell us what support you need
Alex Burbidge
"As a start-up, needed a complete digital package from website build to optimisation. Michael has been first class in meeting our needs. He invested early on in our journey from brand design, website, CRM and user experience. His attention to detail and passion is what makes him stand out in his sector and I would highly recommend his business."
Alex Burbidge
Founder, Big Smiles

Why should I partner with you?

Have a look at our case studies, and let our clients tell you how we’ve helped them. Their knowledge of conversion optimisation differs, yet each client has seen real results.