Google Analytics & Data Insight

Google Analytics provides a wealth of data to help your business be successful online. An essential component within all marketing is having good quality data you can rely on. Without having solid data, you risk making decisions based on assumptions. Our dedicated Google Analytics and data insight services ensures that you have all the necessary data available to make quality informed decisions to improve your business online.

We make sure that the following is configured correctly:

  • Data is being accurately collected.
  • Ecommerce tracking is configured correctly.
  • Conversion goals are built.
  • Visitor funnels are created.
  • Key events are tracked.

Google Analytics Auditing

8/10 Google analytics accounts are setup incorrectly, this can cause decisions to be made on flawed data, we don’t want your business to fall into this category. Our auditing service is built on a step by step process; we ensure the data that is being collected is aligned with your business KPI’s.

Our audit process works to ensure the collection of data is healthy, we start by auditing the setup of your Google Analytics account to make sure it is configured to best practice, we then assess you’re if the data collected meets your business KPI’s and look for any areas which could be providing you gaps within your reports.

After our audit we create an actionable report to show you were you can make improvements to the collection of data so you can make the most of using Google Analytics. We will present this report to you and your team and then provide support on implementing these changes.

Data is only good when being collected accurately!


Google Analytics Training

Making sure your Google Analytics account is tracking data correctly and accurate to your business KPI’s is a great start, but if your team are unsure on how to interpret and understand the data then you will not be making best use of your Google Analytics data.

We can provide your business Google Analytics Training to ensure that you can make actionable decisions based on your data. Your team will be upskilled to understand how your customers interact with your business, how your marketing channels are performing with your website and most importantly your team can understand how revenue is being generated through your website.

Making data inclusive throughout your team will provide more value to your business.


Google Analytics consultancy & support

Your business is making data informed decisions and your team are confident using Google Analytics but do not have the extra resource in house to have a dedicated analytics team.

We become you’re in house analytics team, providing support and consultancy to help you gain further insight into your data, answer any questions you may have about your data and generate reports based around your business KPI’s.


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