Google Analytics & Tag Manager, Setup and Support

Gain actionable insights from your websites data to drive more revenue, improve customer experiences and increase the ROI on marketing spend.

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Understand how your website is working

We’ll review your Google Analytics account to make sure it’s set-up correctly and giving you the information, you need.

Our team will show you where, and how, to improve your account to gather better quality data. Then, we’ll help you understand the data you’ve collected, and show you how to use it to increase website sales and drive marketing strategies.

Why do you need it?

Google Analytics is essential and gives you plenty of information. But unless you understand it, and know how to apply it, the data is useless.

That’s where we step in. As well as making sure your account is working properly, we’ll assess your data. We’ll uncover complex details, such as device conversion issues or eCommerce tracking problems, to suggest informed changes to increase revenue.

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What’s included in our Google Analytics & Tag Manager, Setup and Support:

Due Diligence

First, we’ll make sure that we’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s on every contract, especially the NDA. Then, we’ll work with you to ensure we have the correct level of access to each of your online analytics tools.

Kick-off and Project Management

With all relevant stakeholders together, we’ll set-out the objectives and key results. We’ll also pull together a list of RACI, assigning suitable owners. Our go-to project management tool is Trello. We also use Google Docs for collaboration, Toggl for time tracking, and Slack for communications. We’ll ensure that each core point of contact has the required access and visibility for each tool. If any of the tools mentioned don’t meet your level of compliance, we’re happy to be flexible and use something else: as long as we can properly track and document what needs to be done.

Analytics and Tracking Audit

Using our tailored processes, created with over 20 years’ combined experience, we evaluate over 50 items. We’ll start with best practice and core fundamentals of enhanced eCommerce tracking. When available, we’ll also dive into the detail of your Google Tag Manager setup, highlighting any further improvements to the data layer.

Analytics and Tracking Analysis

Approaching your data with no idea of what you’re looking for is like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why asking the experts and journey mapping are great exercises. They provide loads of context, and ask a variety of questions that need to be answered.

Armed with this new information, we’ll start pulling everything together. We’ll ensure you’re capturing and tracking the correct data points so you have the full picture of what changes are needed. We’ll set up dashboards and customised reporting to make sure we’re all working towards the same goals. And, wherever there are gaps, we’ll pick up a separate work stream to make sure nothing is missed.

Recommendations Report

Our reports are filled with actionable insights, not just buzzwords.

Wherever we find data gaps or room for improvement, we’ll highlight the best possible solution to the problem. Then, we’ll present all our findings in one detailed report. The report will provide a very clear view on the areas we reviewed, where the problems lie, what you need to do about it, and how high a priority it should be. We’ll present this back to you in a key findings workshop.

Fix and Support

Once we’ve agreed the priority list of fixes, it's time to start executing on site. This is where we’ll need the highest level of communication with you to ensure everything is implemented, quality assurance checked, and tracking correctly. If anything’s wrong at those stages it can jeopardise the integrity of your data, so we’ll make sure we get it right. Rest assured that we’ll provide documentation for each change, covering the what, why and how. And, we’ll provide support for up to one month after our work to ensure all your metrics are tracking correctly.

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Google Analytics & Tag Manager FAQS

Q: I’ve already got Google Analytics why do I need it reviewing?

We’ve worked with start ups, scale ups and global enterprises and over 90% of the Google Analytics accounts we’ve audited have had a fundamental flaw in the way it collected and reported data.

You should be able to take actionable insights form your data but if the data isn’t reliable you risk investing money into the wrong marketing channels or missing potential pain points for users.

Q: Can you help me implement tracking on a Single Page App (SPA)?

We sure can.

There’s a few things we need to do differently as elements, content and resources are loaded dynamically and page views are virtual. However, it is completely dooable and we would run through the same requirements gathering process and audit to ensure you’re tracking the right things to make data driven decisions.

Q: Can you fix the things you find?

Yes, our quotes for the audit also include fixing items too.

Once you’ve signed off on the next best steps from the recommendations report we will get to work fixing the items in the agreed priority. Not only do we fix, we will provide support for up to one month to ensure all of the metrics we fixed are tracking correctly.

To give you a deeper level of reporting we often recommend you pursue larger projects like implementing Enhanced Ecommerce tracking, however due to their size and scope, these kind of projects will be quoted for separately.

Q: What access levels do you need?

For the audit, fixes and support we need edit permission set at the account level.

Being given the wrong level of access is the biggest slow down we face and this normally comes down to clients worrying about their data.

Our goal is the preservation of your existing data while enhancing the new. To do this we operate in a very open and transparent manor ensuring all stakeholders are aware of each change, why it needs to happen, how it will be done and when.

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