Data Driven Website Design

Approaching a website redesign can be tricky, confusing and sometimes risky. We understand there are many approaches to website design but our approach is simple, use your current data to inform your website design.

There will always be areas of your website that are performing or not performing but the focus of a redesign is to improve on your current site with the aim to improve conversions and increase revenue.

We always approach all website designs with the expectation that each new design is a hypothesis based on data that requires real user testing.

Our website design process involves:

  • Analyse what is currently working and what isn’t
  • Create optimised wireframes that determine the structure and layout.
  • Create User focused designs that follow conversion optimisation principles.

User experience website design

Designing websites based on opinion and what “looks good” doesn’t follow how a user would necessarily use your website.

This is why with all of our website designs we analyse your Google Analytics data and where necessary we use extra tools to help us gather real user interaction. Following this we will start to wireframe your website following usability best practices, conversion know how and draw on our experience of optimising websites.

This then follows into a design stage where we incorporate your branding and intuitive design to produce a website which has a good solid foundation to increase revenue through your website.


E-commerce website design

There is a lot to think about when selling online through your website, many options and routes to go down but the main aim should always be to have a website that generates revenue and makes it easy for customers to purchase your products.

When designing ecommerce websites, we follow our principles within our user experience design service but expand on this to study your customers buying patterns and how different buying personas can affect purchases on your website.

We then produce wireframes and designs which are based on our analysis and incorporate ecommerce best practices to provide a solid foundation to help you convert your customers and increase revenue.


Wireframing & Prototyping

If you are confident with your developers and in house designers but don’t have the extra conversion know how then we can come in and provide you with that extra support. We can work with your designers to produce wireframes which follow user experience design and allow them to use their creative flair to produce designs which are in line with your brand.

Following this we can work with both your designers and developers to create prototypes which can show examples of how functions work to make sure the development side can go as smooth as possible. Website design is a collaborative process between your designers, developers and most importantly conversion minded experts.


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