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Understand why your website is not converting and find out how to generate more revenue from your website.

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Discover where to improve your website

A conversion review is a factual, transparent assessment of your website, based on thorough research of your available data.

Our team will uncover what’s working, and what’s not. Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll show you how to fix it. (Or, if you don’t want to fix it yourself, we’ll do it for you.) We’ll deliver an in-depth report, with actionable recommendations, as a stand-alone service or as part of an ongoing conversion strategy.

Why do you need it?

Sometimes, the smallest issues cause the largest problems. Our data-driven research uncovers numbers and figures, revealing bugs and glitches as well as customer frustrations. Then, using our findings, we’ll explain what needs to change to increase sales and boost conversion rates.

Our reviews are be-spoke and our reports are unique. That way, we discover what your problem is, why it’s happening, and how it can be solved.

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Whats included in a website audit

Due Diligence

First, we’ll make sure that we’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s on every contract, especially the NDA. Then, we’ll work with you to ensure we have the correct level of access to each of your online analytics and analysis tools, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HotJar, CrazyEgg, Optimizely, VWO, and more. We’ll also ask for any sales reports to help us connect the gap between online and offline sales. This may sound like a lot of information, but if we have this upfront it’ll help us connect the dots later.

Kick-off and Project Management

WWith all relevant stakeholders together, we’ll set-out the objectives and key results (OKRs). We’ll also pull together an RACI, assigning suitable owners. Our go-to project management tool is Trello. We also use Google Docs for collaboration, Toggl for time tracking, and Slack for communications. We’ll ensure that each core point of contact has the required access and visibility for each tool. If any of the tools mentioned don’t meet your level of compliance, we’re happy to be flexible and use something else: as long as we can properly track and document what needs to be done.

Ask the Experts and Customer Journey Mapping

You’re the expert in your product or service, so your knowledge is the best place to start. We’ll talk through your product or service with you: what it is, what it does, who uses it, and what problem it solves. It’s critical you tell us about this openly and clearly, as we need to make sure your website is getting the message across to your customers.

Then, we’ll create a journey map. The goal of this map is to identify your key website users, their goals, and the journeys they take to get there, including each touch point. Using the information we’ve gathered so far, we’ll then look for gaps and pain points that we need to solve to help that user achieve their goal.

Analytics and Tracking Analysis

Approaching your data with no idea of what you’re looking for is like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why asking the experts and journey mapping are great exercises. They provide loads of context, and ask a variety of questions that need to be answered.

Armed with this new information, we’ll start pulling everything together. We’ll ensure you’re capturing and tracking the correct data points so you have the full picture of what changes are needed. We’ll set up dashboards and customised reporting to make sure we’re all working towards the same goals. And, wherever there are gaps, we’ll pick up a separate work stream to make sure nothing is missed.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Research

Data and tracking only tells you where the problems are: it doesn’t tell you why they’re there. This is where conversion research comes in. We’ve used more than 20 years’ combined experience to create a bespoke research process, where we’ll evaluate over 70 elements based on user experience and design principles. We’ll combine our evaluation with a variety of qualitative research tools, gaining real user insights to provide further evidence to support our findings.

Recommendations Report

Our reports are filled with actionable insights, not just buzzwords.

We’ll present all our findings in one detailed report of, on average, 60-100 pages (depending on the site). The report will provide a very clear view on the areas we reviewed, where the problems lie, what you need to do about it, and how high a priority it should be. We’ll present this back to you in a key findings workshop, where we’ll conclude with a very clear view on next steps and who is accountable for them.

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"Perfect Moment engaged with Raindrop at a crucial time- just at the cusp of our website development project. Raindrop created a rock solid foundation for this project. Michael and his team helped us take it back to the essentials and the findings from the UX audit and GA audits served as a catalyst for greenlighting the larger website & user journey project. The audits produced by Raindrop were clear and comprehensive. They were shared with our departments internally and every team member was easily able to digest the material presented and take their own actions from the findings. The communication and support offered by Raindrop during the project was fantastic. Weekly calls, countless emails and general checking in meant we always knew how works were progressing and what our next steps and actions were. Raindrop really acted as extended team members and their insight and knowledge is second to none. I trust Michael and his team entirely, and would highly recommend them to any business that is looking to take their website or ecommerce business to the next level. "
Michelle Hurney
Ecommerce Manager, Perfect Moment

Website Audit FAQS

Q: What happens after the website audit?

At the end of our website audit you will have a comprehensive recommendations report outlining the Just Do Its (JDIs), potential tests, areas where you need to beef up your tracking and pain points we’ve found but need further research to identify the solution (JDI or Test).

It’s completely up to you at this point on whether you want to address each of these items in house, or, we are more than happy to help. Our full service support would help you build and execute a Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme, here we take each of the possible tests and wireframe concepts to then run them through an AB testing tool like Optimizely or VWO to find the best performer. We can be flexible and offer alternative levels of service where we help wireframe and design variations or support through any of the areas found during the audit.

The decision is up to you but we are always here to help you find success and grow your business.

Q: Can you audit my website before it goes live?


This is the question that always surprises clients the most. There’s a variety of tools and techniques we use to access your staging sites and validate pages are optimised and tracked before going live. Even if you need help with UAT or accessibility standards we’ve got the expertise to help.

The best validation is always with real users but there’s still a plethora of areas we can assess to give you that extra confidence before going live.

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