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Pretty websites alone don’t increase sales – data and customer feedback does.

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Redesign your website using data

At Raindrop, we always begin with a conversion review, detailed research, and an understanding of where the problems lie. With our findings, we suggest and test the changes that deliver significant results. However, on occasion, building a new website might be the step we must take.

We’ll begin with informed research to gather accurate facts and figures. Then, we’ll build a new website, designed with a clear understanding of your data and customer behaviour.

Why redesign your website

It’s important that your website looks appealing and sounds engaging. But it needs to perform well to generate revenue.

We use data-led information to create a user-focussed design that works for your business. With facts and figures to hand, there’s no risk involved: we’ll already know what your site needs to succeed. We design with your customers in mind, generating leads and maximising sales.

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What’s include within our website design & development

Due Diligence

First, we’ll make sure that we’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s on every contract, especially the NDA. Then, we’ll work with you to ensure we have the correct level of access to each of your online analytics and analysis tools, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HotJar, CrazyEgg, Optimizely, VWO, and more. We’ll also ask for any sales reports to help us connect the gap between online and offline sales. This may sound like a lot of information, but if we have this upfront it’ll help us connect the dots later.

Discovery Session

With all the relevant stakeholders in the room we will align on the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and will pull together a RACI assigning suitable owners. Following this we will explore the current platform your website is built on, understand your reasons for a website redesign and explore all areas for development to create a website specification and brief.

Research and Customer Journey Mapping

Once our brief is in place the first step towards a new website is understanding your data and how current users use your website. This helps us understand better why visitors are abandoning your website and can also highlight opportunities of where users don’t understand sections of your website. Depending your budget we run user testing sessions to engage your customers within the process.

Wireframes & Design

Now we understand your data, what your website users are doing, and where the major problems lie, we can begin wireframing your new website. Most agencies begin with a design, but this means they miss fundamental areas, which can create conversion blockers. We minimise these by wireframing.

Website wireframes are like architectural drawings for a house builder: they’re the foundations and help validate the user journey and experience. Once the wireframe has been validated, we’ll create a visual design for your website to be signed-off by key stakeholders.

Development & Validation

Our next task is to roll out the visual designs into a development phase. This process involves building the website, creating content, and preparing the website for user acceptance testing. As part of the user acceptance testing phase, we’ll invite all stakeholders and selected users to test the website. They’ll provide feedback to ensure the website is working as expected and ready to move to the next phase.


Once the site has been approved as part of the user acceptance testing, we’ll implement tracking codes for tag management systems and analytics codes. Then, we’ll test these to ensure we’re tracking all relevant metrics. We’ll also make sure Google Analytics is set-up to provide accurate reporting on the new website’s ROI.

Conversion Optimisation Programme

Once the website is live, we’ll start optimising and iterating specific areas of the newly-launched website. Visitor habits are constantly changing, so we’ll move straight into conversion rate optimisation to help sustain website conversion increases.

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Website design & development FAQS

What platforms do you support?

We support a variety of website building platforms, for lead generation and brochure style websites we usually recommend WordPress or Webflow as the applications to build your website.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce platform, we support WooCommerce and Shopify. Each of these platforms has their own benefits which we can discuss with you within our discovery session.

Do you offer hosting?

For WordPress and Webflow we offer a managed solution built on Google Cloud platform and Amazon web servers within UK Data centers. Our hosting is easily scalable as your business grows. This is called self-hosting.

Shopify include their own hosting as part of their ongoing plans.

What access do we get to edit the website?

For all self-hosted and hosted solutions like WordPress & Shopify we offer edit and shop manager access, this provides you the ability to edit and improve your website, whilst we maintain the application and monitor security

Do you provide On-going development support and maintenance?

Our self-hosted are managed so basic levels maintenance are taken care of. For websites looking to scale up we can provide a support package which has guaranteed development time per month to build out new functions and develop new service offerings.

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