We are always interested to speak with talented individuals who have the energy and drive to improve their skills and bring fresh innovative ideas to Raindrop.

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We are an open and honest company who work on an ethical and morale level for companies looking to increase their websites revenue.

Conversion optimisation is a highly skilled practice and one that requires skills in various ways.

A conversion optimisation programme involves understanding user journeys, analytics, design & usability and user psychology. We believe the best approach is to look for individuals who are skilled in their area or are looking to master skills in a particular area.

We provide in house training for individuals who want to specialise and provide access to courses, workshops and events to learn further.

Even though conversion optimisation is in its infancy (as of 2018) it is a growing area within digital and especially for people seeking a career in CRO.

Career Opportunities

We don't have any current roles active at the moment but if you’re a passionate, pro-active and think you have what it takes get in touch.